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The Secret to Creating Viral TikTok Content ft. Alex Stemplewski with Alex Quin
Alex Quin chats with Alex Stemplewski, a photographer and content creator who has garnered over 11 million followers on TikTok in a year. In this episode, learn how and where to start to turn your passion into a true side hustle or full time hustle. Tik Tok has become the number one social media platform for content creators. Don’t sleep on learning how to up your game in the content world and make your hard work behind the camera worth the payout. Wisdom Nuggets For your content to perform well, and to create engaging and viral content, you have to be hyper turned to what people like and what people don't like when you post something. If you “care” about how people receive it you are able to gather data and collect information to understand how to catch your audience's eyes. And this way your content will always be evolving. If you are looking to turn your passion into a side hustle or a full time gig, utilize TikTok because it offers the best way to reach new people, second to that is instagram reels. Podcast Outline [01:15] What’s going on everyone [01:39] Whats up Alex [02:06] I found you through a voice app (Clubhouse) [02:19] Share this story with us, 11 million followers in a year [03:03] I didn’t know how to escape the corporate world until I started listening to Gary V [04:07] A month into TikTok, I have a million followers [05:56] How do you go about your concepts on TikTok [06:47] I think the way to really elevate your success [07:11] I can amass millions of followers by posting content every day [08:41] You put the time in [08:50] Hey (break) [09:29] What are the best details you think make the best photos or video content? [10:45] My mind almost works more like a marketer [11:06] I collect that information [11:32] How do I make my content have the biggest impact [11:42] Are there any photographers or content creators that influenced you? [12:03] Alex LiquidVerve [13:42] There's so many opportunities for people to get creative [14:21] Now with Clubhouse… [14:59] What advice can you give people who want to change their career path [15:33] You need to gain awareness for yourself [16:16] The best app right now is TikTok [17:07] Put in the work [18:14] See you guys in the next episode Power Quotes “I think the way to really elevate your success is to go all in, be super consistent, and create as much high quality content as you can possibly churn out, especially really right now because the ability to reach a broad audience using platforms like TikTok and instagram reels is absolutely insane” - Alex Stemplewski 06:47 “Aligning with influencers that understand how their products and services work, understand the platforms, what people like and don't like, is the true value” - Alex Quin 13:58 “Step 1 is understanding where to post your content” - Alex Stemplewski 15:41 “You have to just start, and once you start, you have to keep going” - Alex Stemplewski 17:22 Resources Alex Quin’s Instagram Hustle Inspires Hustle App Hustle Inspires Hustle Instagram Alex Stemplewski TikTok Alex Stemplewski Instagram Alex LiquidVerve Instagram John Snip Instagram Jordi Koalitic See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
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