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Chase Cohl: Singer, Songwriter, Designer, Poet
Renaissance Girl. On this episode, singer, songwriter, designer, poet, and all around creative soul, Chase Cohl, chats with us her at her ultra chic Laurel Canyon home in Los Angeles. We discuss the evolution of her music and her belief that music is storytelling at its finest. We get into what inspires her creativity and what it means to be an artist. We also got an insiders look into her fascinating childhood virtually growing up on tour with bands like the Rolling Stones with her family including her father, legendary concert promoter/producer and former chairman of Live Nation, Michael Cohl. We learn why she holds the belief that “anyone who is a little interesting as an adult, was bullied as a kid.” And of course we covered Chase's impressive, defined sense of style, from her living space to her collections of vintage pantsuits and gowns. We talk about the day that Fergie of The Black Eyed Peas literally launched her hat collection, dating in LA, her tour, her beautiful book of poetry, and more. follow @storyandraintalks on instagram for our very latest drops + more pod content HERE | follow @storyandrain magazine on instagram HERE | follow our host + founder @tamarararappa HERE | discover, read, shop: fashion, beauty, wellness, tv + film, food, travel, interviews, + more on
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