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Episode#52 "The Monkey Grabs The Clam" TheHHPods 1 Year Anniversary Special
In this Season#1 Finale the guys head over to Jimmys Famous Seafood in Dundalk, Maryland They play host to the happy hour podcasts 1 year anniversary episode. We came but we didnt come alone. Tommy Sinbazo, Vinston Painter, David Gilbert, Bobby Starr, Bubba Almony & Stunning Summer all came along with us. We discuss what it would be like to be a mortician or a coroner and have Anna Nicole Smith as the body your dealing with. We play a few rounds of Oh The Humanity, Findout Ron Jeremy is indeed a hoarder and whats up with that turtle he had? We apologize as the audio isnt that crisp due to technical issues right before going live. We cleaned it up as much as we could Shit happens! esp when your live!
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