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8. Associations Thrive - Interview with Alan DeYoung, Executive Director of the Wisconsin EMS Associations
Did you know that Emergency Medical Services (EMS) are mostly volunteer and considered non-essential services and entities in the majority of the United States? 🤯 Even in the 12 states where they ARE deemed essential, they’re not necessarily funded.  In this episode of Associations Thrive, host Joanna Pineda interviews Alan DeYoung, Executive Director & CEO of the Wisconsin EMS Association. Alan introduces WEMSA, shares his journey to becoming Executive Director, and then shares what WEMSA has been doing to diversify revenue and better support their members, who are mostly volunteers!  Alan discusses: Who the Wisconsin EMS Association serves and the innovative ways WEMSA is adding value for their members. What EMS provides as a public safety entity, and how fragmented the industry is. WEMSA’s campaign to meet with members and potential members face-to-face, and provide as many free supplies and resources as possible. How WEMSA’s outside-of-the-box thinking has allowed them to diversify revenue streams to enable them to keep member dues low and provide more resources to their members and community at large. Why WEMSA decided to become the only nationally-accredited state-based training center. What YOU can do to support EMS in your community. References: WEMSA Website
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